We provide the following services:

  1. Turning – Turning processing is carried out on conventional machines and CNC machines
  2. Milling – Milling processing is carried out on universal and CNC machines with maximum machining dimensions of 2160×760 mm
  3. Grinding – Round and flat
  4. Making gears with real and helical teeth, worm pairs according to customer’s sample or drawing
  5. Production of all kinds of sprockets, grooved shafts and shafts
  6. Production of clamping devices for machining centers
  7. Drilling carried out on pillar drills and coordinate drills
  8. Welding services
  9. Heat treatment of metal – hardening, case hardening, Induction hardening
  10. Measurement on 3D measuring machine Zeiss with the possibility of issuing a measuring report
  11. Cutting – Plasma cutting, Saw cutting
  12. Broaching

We provide the following machining services:

  • Construction and production of special purpose tools
  • Construction and production of hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical clamping devices for the automotive industry (Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Croatia, Netherlands), tools for making hydraulic components, construction and production of presa tools, various types of high precision clamping tools.
  • Production of high precision spare parts
  • Production of parts for honing machines, parts for railways, machines for packing fruits and vegetables and other parts according to customer requirements. 
  • Production of mechanical power transmissions
  • Production of gears, sprockets, toothed shafts, various types of non-standard screws, sliders, etc.
  • Turning, planing, drilling, milling, cutting, drawing, grinding, etc.
  • Welding – We have a modernly equipped welder with a rounded process of cutting, assembling, welding, annealing and sandblasting. 
  • We do welding in MIG/MAG, REL, TIG and autogenous welding with certified welders. 
  • Heat treatment and surface protection
  • Hardening, nitrating, cementation, annealing, black finishing and galvanizing.
  • Additional machining, etc.
  • We do cutting for the needs of our production and service cutting. *From cutting machines we have band saws and CNC machine for cutting plasma plates up to 200 mm thick and dimensions 2000x3000mm.

So far, we have made over a thousand clamping devices. We have the capacity to mechanically make the most complex clamping device within seven days. One of the important characteristics is the drilling of hydraulics to a depth of up to 800 mm.

Some of our products (several hundred types of products) - tools, spare parts, welded structures, clamping device for BMW lower engine mount, gears, clamping device for AUDI pump cover, Weldment, Clamping device, Sprockets, Presa tool with pneumatic control, Exhaust Manifold Clamp PEUGEOT, Toothed shafts, etc.

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